About me


I'm Sergi Verdugo and was born in 1973 in Barcelona, Spain. I am currently living in Cabrera de Mar, a small town 20 kilometers away from Barcelona.

I have a Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and since I got it I've been working for different companies of the IT sector in different positions and responsibilities.


Since I was a child I felt fascinated by Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astronautics and dreamed of being an astronaut discovering new worlds, also I liked to build all sort of devices like electric motors, steam engines, cars, electronic circuits, etc... It wasn't until 2005 when I started to think about the idea of building a telescope. A bit later 2 colleagues from work told me they had purchased a telescope and I thought I'd better do the same and become familiar to them instead of building something I knew very few about.


My first telescope was a small 114mm Newtonian and I started doing visual observations from home, at the beginning felt a bit frustrated as I expected to see more colourful and sharp objects, so I tried to learn what targets could I expect to watch from an urban environment and became more familiar with observation techniques. I got hooked very rapidly to watching through my small telescope and each time I got a target in the eyepiece I wanted to show it very excited to my wife... who, by the way, didn't feel that excitement at all. I remember the first time I could locate the Andromeda galaxy through the telescope... I was only seeing a small and diffuse grey cloud, but I was really fascinated to think that these photons had been travelling to reach my eyes for 2.5 million years.


I bought some books and very rapidly I bought a bigger telescope with a better mount and began to experiment taking photos of the moon and the planets with a cheap modified webcam. Also I met other astronomy fans via forums and associations. Very soon I started to go out to the field looking for darker locations to do visual observation through but still felt a bit disappointed and felt the need to go a bit further, visual observation from darker locations was not producing the views I expected yet. Some of the people I was meeting at dark locations were already making deep sky astrophotography, and that pushed me definitively to astrophotography. Since then I have changed several time my telescopes and finally built one by myself and also have done big modifications to DSLR cameras to enable them for deep sky photography.


I still have a long way to go and much to learn, and that's what makes this trip more fascinating for me.


I participate in several spanish and international forums about astronomy and astrophotography. If you want to locate me at them look for the nickname "xatamec". Also, you can contact me through e-mail at: xatamec (at) hotmail.com


Welcome to "The Universe's Colors".