DSLR astrophotography by Sergi Verdugo

Mosaic from 2Cas to 4Cas

Exposure: 14×600″ + 13×600″ @ ISO 800
Telescope: William Optics Megrez 88FD with flattener/reducer Borg DG-L
Filter: Hutech IDAS LPS P2 2″
Mount: Skywatcher EQ6 Pro
Camera: Amp-off Modded & Cooled Canon 350D
Date: 4th November 2010
Location: Coll de Jou (Barcelona, Spain)
Comments: My second attempt on a mosaic. It is a 2 frame mosaic a bit difficult to join due to some gradients in them.

There are some interesting objects in this photo. Near the upper left corner is the beautiful yellowish star 4Cas. Below this star we can find the open star cluster M52 which lies about 5000 light years away. From M52 going to the center of the photo is the Bubble nebula (NGC 7635), only 10 light-years wide and lies at some 11000 light-years from the earth in the constellation Cassiopea. From here going to the upper right Corner there is NGC7538, located in the constellation Cepheus at about 9100 light-years away, it is home to the biggest yet discovered protostar which is about 300 times the size of our Solar System. Going down  is the largest object in this image, Sharpless 2-157, located again in the constellation Cassiopea at some 11000 light-years. To the right is the open star cluster NGC 7510 and right in the bottom right corner is the bluish star 2Cas.