DSLR astrophotography by Sergi Verdugo

Vulture Head Nebula

Exposure: 32×600″ @ ISO 800
Telescope: 6″ Astrograph with ASA 2KORR (f2.9)
Filter: Hutech IDAS LPS P2 MFA
Mount: Skywatcher EQ6 Pro
Camera: Cooled Canon 550D
Date: 7th December 2013
Location: Coll d’Ares, Àger (Lleida, Spain)
A much fainter object than I imagined, ideally it would require much more exposure

This image is a panorama of the Vulture Head nebula (LBN777) and its surroundings, which are part of the Taurus Molecular Cloud, one of the nearest molecular clouds, located at about 400 light years from the earth. The external part of LBN777 is illuminated by the surrounding stars and can be seen as a very faint reflection nebula. Its dense inner part is catalogued as the dark nebula B207.